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※ DOWON INTERNATIONAL has newly opened an office in Beijing, China. In our office in Beijing, the work related with Prosecution, Patent translation and Technology transfer for Intellectual Property will be processed. If you need any business or service in connection with China, please contact us.
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South Korea’s patent office will train examiners from the United Arab Emirates
Device for Reviving Dead Batteries
Rise in Patent Applications on Full-Touch Phones
South Korea Exceeds USD 3 Billion in Loyalty Fees
188 Patents Filed for SNS Since 2004

Title Status Part Date
 Preventive device for sudden departure of vehicle... Patented Mech/Metal 2010-06-30
 Natural composite concentrate having both improved cholesterol metabolism and obesity prohibition function and method of manufacturing the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-12-30
 Indication meter for detecting freshness of fresh food and method of manufacturing the same... Patented Mech/Metal 2009-12-30
 Method of separating turnip concentrate to prohibit hepatocirrhosis from turnip ... Patented Food/Chem 2009-12-30
 WALKING SUPPORTING DEVICE FOR BABY... Patented Mech/Metal 2009-12-09

Title Status Part Date
 FOLDING TYPE SEAT FOR THEATER AND gymnasium... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2009-09-26
 Monosilane(SiH4) manufacturing process or refining process ... Pilot Plant Food/Chem 2008-12-18
 Automatic cleansing device for outer wall and window-panel of building ... Patented Mech/Metal 2008-07-02
 Measurement of remaining power in battery... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2008-04-03
 O2 Production Facility for ironworks... Pilot Plant Patented Food/Chem 2008-03-07
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