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Translation Intro  


Dowon Translation provide you with interpretation and translation services on the scientific and technical fields.
We serve more upgraded and specialized technical translation while maintaining skillful translators who majored in various scientific and technical fields and subdividing the translators by the fields so as to render suitable persons translate the pertinent field. And proofreading step by native speakers allows the perfection in translation. We provide only offer perfection and precision in translation as we do not transform languages but execute the translation on the basis of full understandings of the technology.

Field of Translation

Patent specification and related documents
   - Specification for patent in English, Japanese and other languages
   - Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark laws of foreign countries
   - Application documents concerning intellectual property matters
     such as Patent, Utility Model, Design and Trademark

Manual and Brochure
   - Manuals in relation with machinery, electronic/electric
     appliances, chemical, biological, communication and computers.
   - Brochures guiding company and their products

Internet Contents
   - Contents on the website in English and Japanese

Technical books and Theses

Government documents, Business Agreements and Legal documents

Translation Fee

From English to Korean per 250 words in English : $ 26 (USD)
From Japanese to Korean per page (A4 size, 35 × 29 words) : $ 26 (USD)
From Japanese to English per 250 words in English : $ 34 (USD)
From Korean to English per 250 words in English : $ 38 (USD)

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PHONE : 82-2-501-3106 FAX : 82-2-501-3109 e-mail :