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Title : Natural composite concentrate having both improved cholesterol metabolism and obesity prohibition function and method of manufacturing the same

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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1. Acid polysaccharides and Fucosterol having a low viscosity from seaweeds, a garlic extract on which an odorless processhas been performed, and mixed reaction concentrates of the respective components according to the present invention exhibit a cholesterol biosynthesis prohibition function and an obesity prohibition function. Accordingly, there are an effect of improving strong cholesterol metabolism, such as a cholesterol reduction in blood, and a diet function, such as weight control

2. The garlic extract is an odorless garlic aqueous solution, having a reduced stimulating smell unique to garlic through reduced pressure concentration, high contents of allicin, and an odorless property. Accordingly, cholesterol metabolism can be improved and an obesity prohibition function can also be obtained.

3. As an examination result of bile acid adsorption power depending on each molecular weight level of a functional mixed concentrate created according to the present invention, it was found that a bile acid adsorption ability was excellent up to 48.6-65.7 % in a molecular weight of 10 kDa or more and there were valid effects in a cholesterol metabolism in the body.



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