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Contact Us provides a specific patent vortal service consisting of the following specialized sections. It is the largest-scaled vortal site specialized in patent, which constitutes the best web community in patent related fields.


Patyellow helps to search for the desired site as it is connected to all the sites associated with patent, by directory. Certainly you can get information regarding the sites offering various and definite information through checking into Cool Sites, which is recommended by Patyellow, classified by fields.

Patent Search

Patyellow initiates essential elements of patent information including a general know-how for searching of patent data. It offers several of free searching methods for Korean, U.S. and Japanese patents. Also, you may get advices from patent specialists through common DB search tip, which is used for a complicated searching. In case of information that is difficult to search by oneself, the professional searcher will conduct the searching for you.

Patent Prize

Patyellow provides a prize-awarding service for those who have proven the invalidity of a patent right of the counterpart of a client's company. This service is operated in such a manner that a Client who desires to acquire references necessary for the invalidation of the patent right can be given the references suitable for the Client's case by Hunters.

On-line Application

Patyellow allows you to request the various services including domestic/international applications, charged/free searches of trademarks, etc., and to be provided with them, on-line. Subscribers can check out the present state of their own applications by just logging in.

Patent Mart

  -Technology Transfer Mart
Patyellow allows enterprises/organizations, which desire technology transfer, to store various information regarding the technology to be transferred in on-line database and to find an appropriate enterprise which wants the introduction of the technology through the mart.

Patent Bookstore

  The on-line bookstore of Patyellow deals in only books in specialized fields including intellectual property rights, such as copyright, patent, trademark, and etc., examination related materials and technical books unlike other on-line bookstore.


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