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Subject : Device for Reviving Dead Batteries   
Date 2010-07-30 Visit 3592

A Korean venture firm succeeded in commercializing a device for recovering the performance of cell batteries by utilizing an electronic technology called current control.
Previous technologies needed the transformers that consume a lot of electricity or injection of chemical compounds in order to recover the performance of lead storage batteries that have expired.
The said chemical compounds required to eliminate impurities that reduce the lifespan of batteries brought about environmental problems which required additional work.
Furthermore, an electrical method utilizing transformers involved disadvantages, such as battery damage, gases, energy consumption and long term required for recovery, caused by supply of drastic electrical current.
However, Hana Electronics commercialized battery-performance recovering devices utilizing an electronic method that is environment-friendly that does not need transformers or chemical compounds.
Compared to the older method that required 20 hours for chemical processing, the new method only requires 6 to 12 hours.
The successful recovery rate is also very high with 95%. The height of the device is 17.7cm with a weight of 7.5kg, making it a mobile product.
The reason to why this product is receiving so much attention is due to the enormity of the size of the battery market.
Batteries are used in cars, golf carts, wheel chairs, construction device, UPS, military products, and almost all electrical/mechanical devices.
In Korea, there are about 3.4 million car batteries that are demolished, leading up to an annual demolition of 5.3 million batteries.
CEO Lee of Hana Electronics stated that 70% of these batteries can be recovered.
The Korean market size of battery recovering devices is approximately KRW 330 billion.
He explains that Hana Electronics was not only Korea’s first but the world’s first firm to invent/create such technology and device.
He plans on filing patent applications for the said technology overseas and to expand globally.



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