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Title : Method of manufacturing oyster sauce

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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1. The process of manufacturing a sauce base for an oyster sauce according to the present invention is advantageous in that it can perform a mixed processing for a short time using a simple process of intermediate raw materials and increase a manufacturing yield, and can have a characteristic of maintaining a unique physical property as a sauce base and also has a pile-up effect flavor components used in a final process.

2. The oyster sauce fabricated according to the present invention has an excellent yield of oyster extracts when compared with a concentrated solution product fabricated using a hot water extraction method, and has a smooth flavor and a thick flavor unique to a malacological group, that is, raw material.

3. The method of manufacturing an oyster sauce according to the present invention has an excellent taste, preference, and storage stability and can produce an oyster sauce having a good quality economically using cultivated oyster produced in mass production and oyster processing byproducts as raw material.

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