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Title : Expansion-preventing packing method of gimchi product

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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The expansion-preventing packing method of gimchi product according to the present invention includes packing a gimchi product using an inner plastic film packing material having an excellent gas transparency, packing the gimchi product using an outer plastic film packing material having a light-shielding property, and then forming micro pores in the packing material.It could be seen that, when the packing method according to the present invention was applied to a tray type gimchi packing, the expansion of a gimchi product packing could be effectively prevented. It was also found that the volume of the packing was not expanded during a fermentation process and the smell or liquid of gimchi was never leaked outside the packing.Further, the present invention relates to a method not including a hygroscopic agent, an adsorbent, or a valve. Accordingly, there are advantages in that taste unique to a gimchi product is not affected and there is no almost additional cost resulting from packing in a conventional goods production process.

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