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   Technology transfer market

  This technology transfer corner can help you to advance technology business related to the up-to-date technologies and the main technologies through the present technology transfer market.

 Enter the data for the technology transfer in the following blank form or please contact us by e-mail at if you are interested in any technology regarding the technology transfer

No. Title Status Part Date Visit
147 Expansion-preventing packing method of gimchi product... Patented Food/Chem 2009-11-27 3321
146 Method of manufacturing oyster sauce... Patented Food/Chem 2009-11-27 13566
145 Ginger storage house and method of storing ginger using the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-11-27 3155
144 Method of manufacturing Chun-bean curd having improved feeling of tissue... Patented Food/Chem 2009-11-27 3144
143 Seasoned Konjak and method of manufacturing the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-11-27 3140
142 Purified air supply device including aqua anions... Patented Mech/Metal 2009-10-30 3230
141 Method of batch-separating and refining Laminaran and Fucoidan for food material having anticancer and anti-hyperlipidemic activity from brown seaweeds... Patented Food/Chem 2009-10-30 3277
140 Cocoa cheese and method of manufacturing the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-10-30 3239
139 Method of manufacturing turnip concentrate with improved absorption power of iron, abundant diet fiber, and liver cancer prohibition effect... Patented Food/Chem 2009-10-30 3355
138 Food packing film having antioxidizing and antibacterial characteristics and method of manufacturing the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-10-30 3518

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