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Title : Ginger storage house and method of storing ginger using the same

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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① In the case where gingers are stored in the ginger storage house of the present invention, a reduction rate in the weight of ginger was -0.6 % during one month after storage and was 0.8 % for 240 days after storage during the storage period of 270 days, so the weight of ginger was increased or kept intact. Further, the storage period was 270 days, which is almost twice longer than that of the conventional storage method.

② In the quality measurement items of stored ginger, a change in a ginger corruption rate was measured using a known method. According to the measurement, it was found that, in the present method, the corruption rate was prohibited because control of artificial relative humidity was possible and gingers were stored in a humidity range exceeding the breeding conditions of molds.

③ Further, as a result of measuring a ginger sprouting rate, all gingers were sprouted in the existing method, whereas gingers were not sprouted during 180 days after storage in the ginger storage house using the humidity control wall of the present invention.

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