Letter No.92
 Service Fee

Development of Technology for Recovering Arsenic-Contaminated Soil
Mobile Application Copyright Dispute Settlement Body Is Urgent
In-Sprit Take Legal Action against Global Smart Phone Maker
Samsung Elec. Signs Licensing Deal with Patent Troll
Samsung unit wins patent suit in U.S.

Title Status Part Date
 Antiobesity composite of Portulaca oleracea extract and manufacturing method of the same ... Patented Food/Chem 2009-08-26
 Functional codonopsis lanceolata beverage and manufacturing method of the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-08-26
 CONTAINER COVER Patented S.. Misc 2009-07-31
 Olbyeo rice snack bar and manufacturing method of the same... Patented Food/Chem 2009-07-29
 Skin whitening composite containing white ginseng ethyl acetate fraction with excellent whitening activity... Patented Food/Chem 2009-07-29

Title Status Part Date
 Measurement of remaining power in battery... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2008-04-03
 O2 Production Facility for ironworks... Pilot Plant Patented Food/Chem 2008-03-07
 Nono-Powder Coating Method & Apparatus... Pilot Plant Patented Mech/Metal 2007-11-09
 Fuel Sender Ass'y and PCB Module for Airplane... Others=Mfr. Mech/Metal 2006-12-14
 Electronic parts for Automotive ... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2006-09-01
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