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Title : Functional codonopsis lanceolata beverage and manufacturing method of the same

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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① It was verified that the codonopsis lanceolata extract according to the present invention has anti-cancer and anti-hypertension activities, and hence, the codonopsis lanceolata beverage is easy to drink and can effectively prevent and cure cancer and hypertension when a user drinks it for a long period.
② Since the codonopsis lanceolata beverage according to the present invention can satisfy all age groups, when the user drinks it like water, it can prevent cancer and hypertension easier than medicines or foods, which may cause a sense of rejection.
③ In case that anyone of family members has a medical history of hypertension or cancer, the cancer or hypertension, which is the main geriatric disease, can be prevented since effective ingredients are accumulated in his or her body when he or she drinks the codonopsis lanceolata beverage according to the present invention for a long period.

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