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Subject : Mobile Application Copyright Dispute Settlement Body Is Urgent   
Date 2010-12-30 Visit 2935

In order to promote a development of mobile applications, a third organization which particularly deals with copyright disputes was found necessary.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Korea Copyright Commission (Director Bogyeong Lee) surveyed, with the help of Devmento, a developer community (CEO Byeonghee Lee), 259 members which have developed or are preparing to develop applications for smart phones.

Copyright problems relating to mobile applications are sharply increasing and an organization which can deal with those issues was found urgent.

80.7% of the application developers replied that copyright problems 'are serious,' and 80% of members who have developed applications and 81.6% of members who are preparing to develop applications recognized the seriousness.

53.28% of the developers conducted a prior search into an infringement of copyright, and the most commonly used research method was open market search (63.31%).

89.6% of those surveyed said the most urgent task is to establish an organization representing developers, and 60.4% said the most urgent task is to establish a government-level body. In particular, since App Store or Android Market not only sells applications to domestic users but also to users around the world, the members said that copyright, patent, and trademark disputes in each country are not settled by developers but by a third organization. 36.36% hoped that a government-level body is established to mediate and settle copyright disputes. 22.39% said that support is needed to enable existing developer communities to settle disputes, and 20.46% said that information about applications of App Store should be updated and periodically provided.



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