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Subject : Development of Technology for Recovering Arsenic-Contaminated Soil   
Date 2010-12-30 Visit 2972

A core technology for recovering arsenic-contaminated soil which may solve soil contamination problems caused by arsenic which is a cancer-causing agent produced in abandoned mines and industrial complex has been developed.

Dr. Jaegon Kim and his team at Global Environment Research Center of Korea Institute of Geoscience and Mineral Resources (Director Howan Jang) announced that ‘arsenic-contaminated soil washing technology’, which is a technology for recovering arsenic-contaminated soil, has been developed.

This technology is spotlighted as high efficiency and excellent effect. While various technologies, such as electrokinetic extraction, heat treatment, and planting, have been used to recover arsenic-contaminated soil, recovery efficiency has been low.

However, the arsenic-contaminated soil washing technology is economical because a soil treatment cost per 1t is less than 150,000 won, and is very efficient.

This technology is based on the principle that when contaminated soil reacts with a washing solution containing acid and a reducing agent, the soil is mildly acidic and thus arsenic is leached from soil particles.

A patent application for this technology was filed in Korea and is pending in the United States, Japan, Australia, etc.

Dr. Jaegon Kim said "since arsenic-contaminated soil recovery markets have mushroomed to where more than 200 billion won is traded, a large economic effect is predicted".



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