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Title : Welsh onion beverage and method of manufacturing the same

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
Conditon Licensing Estimated Cost 0 US$

1.In the Welsh onion beverage of the present invention, a Welsh onion extracted juice or a Welsh onion extract obtained from Welsh onions does not have any scent and taste of Welsh onions if the Welsh onion extracted juice or the Welsh onion extract is less than 10 ml on the basis of a Welsh onion beverage of 1L. Accordingly, a problem that a preference in terms of beverages is reduced because of a too strong scent and a too hot taste inherent in a Welsh onion extracted juice or Welsh onions can be solved.

2. Welsh onion beverage products of the present invention can diversify the use of Welsh onions, which are simply limited to scent seasoning substance, minimize damages to farmers depending on the excessive production of Welsh onions, and improve a scent and taste while maintaining the functional components of Welsh onions without change. Accordingly, the Welsh onion beverage product of the present invention not only can expand the consumption of Welsh onions, but also shows a possibility as new functional food materials

3. Welsh onions are effective in a cold, a headache, a high fever, a cough, insomnia, and neuralgia. These effects can be further increased by the technology of the present invention.



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