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Title : Method of manufacturing turnip concentrate having high extraction ratio through compressed separation and heat treatment and having liver cancer prohibition effect

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
Conditon Licensing Estimated Cost 0 US$

① A turnipis compressed, turnip soup is separated from the compressed turnip, and only the turnip thin threads are extracted. Accordingly, an extraction solvent used for extraction can be saved.

② Heat treatment is performed on turnip thin threads. Accordingly, extraction efficiency through an extraction solvent can be increased.

③ Turnip thin threads are sequentially extracted using ethanol, thereby producing a turnip extract from which even non-polar components have been extracted. Accordingly, a turnip concentrate in which a turnip soup and turnip extract are concentrated can be provided.

④ In order to check a prohibition effect in each concentration of a turnip concentrate while hepatocirrhosis is generated, TAA is administrated and at the same time a turnip concentrate is supplied. Accordingly, a prohibition effect was checked through morphological analysis into a liver tissue.

⑤ Experiments showed that the occurrence of hepatocirrhosis was effectively mitigated in groups who had taken the turnip concentrate.



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