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Subject : Desktop PC Virtualization Market on the Rise   
Date 2010-09-28 Visit 4223

Management consultant Mr. A stopped carrying his heavy laptop to work. This is because he can now conduct his business with a Smartphone and iPad instead. Mr. A connects to the virtual desktop located in the company via internet in order to access his files and conduct consulting.

The era of desktop virtualization where business-related software can be used without separate downloads has now opened. This can be done anywhere at any time. The expansion of mobile office and smart-work has led to installation of desktop virtualization with large corporations, as well as portals and public organizations. Desktop virtualization, as a concept, separates a personal computer desktop environment from a physical machine using a client-server model of computing. It is also great for protecting information, which has led to more corporations accepting the use of desktop virtualization.

LG CNS, Samsung SDS, KT, Samsung Securities, LIG, and other large corporations have introduced desktop virtualization this year, followed by public organizations such as Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service, Ministry of Science and Technology, KEPCO, Ministry of National Defense, National Health Insurance Corporation, and Korea Rural Corporation. Many mid-sized firms are planning on installing the desktop virtualization method, thereby making 2010 the year for its expansion in use. Korea Workers’ Compensation & Welfare Service was the first public organization to apply desktop virtualization on PCs of 120 employees large April. Ministry of Science and Technology plans on replacing 100 PCs with desktop virtualization by October and 1000 PCs by 2013.

IT service providers are also leading the market. LG CNS has established a group-dimensional office and plans on expanding to exterior services as well. Samsung SDS has opened its ‘Samsung SDS Cloud Computing Center’ and is promoting mobile desk and cloud services, etc.

The Korean virtual desktop market is expected to increase from KRW 44.3 billion last year to KRW 110 billion by 2013, thereby having a 24.7% increase.
Citris Systems demonstrated a rapid growth with 280% growth rate. VM Ware received orders for desktop virtualization projects for Ministry of Science and Technology, Dongbu Corporation, and others. It has strengthened its strategy with its cloud-based desktop management service ‘Horizon; and desktop virtualization software ‘View 4.5.’



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