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Subject : Debate ‘Who Owns the Intellectual Property Rights?’ was held by Korea Economic Daily and National Ac   
Date 2010-09-28 Visit 6662

Debate ‘Who Owns the Intellectual Property Rights?’ was held by Korea Economic Daily and National Academy Engineering of Korea at the Technology Center located in Yeoksam-dong, Seoul.

Various professionals and specialists in the field of disputes participated to debate on disputes involving large corporations, universities, and mid-sized companies over intellectual property rights.

In the keynote speech, Professor Jae-Keun Park of Hanyang University’s Department of Electronics and Communications Engineering stated that the “most important issue is the form of ownership for intellectual property rights resulting from a research conducted by a university and funded by a corporation, whether it is joint-ownership or sole ownership by the corporation.” He further explained that “the opinions of universities and corporations have obviously been different and there has not been much progress in coming up with the solution.” After the keynote speech, various corporations and universities participated in a debate to express their opinions regarding the issue.

Jeong-Hwan Lee, Vice President of LG Electronics and Head of Patent Center stated that “Korean corporations are still at a stage where the amount of patent loyalties paid is greater than the amount of patent loyalties received,” and that “many delicate problems arise if universities claim joint-ownership of the IP rights and the IP rights belong to corporations because it’s the right compensation for the work conducted by the corporations.”

On the other hand, Professor Kug Sun Hong of Seoul National University’s Materials Science and Engineering Department stated that “universities are corporations and unfairness can result from the contracts, thereby calling for a need for joint-ownership to promote research.”



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