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Founding of Intellectual Ventures Firm to Counter Patent Trolls
KIPO and GPMA Forms Patent Prosecution Alliance
Samsung Electronics & SK Telecom Own “Android” Trademark
Protection Is More Important Than Registration of Patents
Korean Government Aids Super Patents

Title Status Part Date
 Method and system for recommending music by using graph showing relationship between the preference of user's preferred music and the user's preferred music ... Patented Mech/Metal 2009-04-29
 Device and method for compressing and storing digital data of digital camera into PDF file having security function ... Patented Elec/ET 2009-04-29
 Extract of oriental medicine mixture containing Pinellia ternata, Atractyrodis rhizoma alba, Gastrodia elata blume, Aurantii pericarpium nobilis, Poria cocos wolf, Cratagus pinnatifida,...... Patented Medic/BT 2009-04-29
 Extract of oriental medicine mixture containing Atractyrodis rhizoma alba, Gastrodia elata blume, Aurantii pericarpium nobilis, Poria cocos wolf, Cratagus pinnatifida and Siegesbeckia herba, for ...... Patented Medic/BT 2009-04-29
 Composition containing extract of Aralia cordata for preventing and treating arteriosclerosis... Patented Medic/BT 2009-04-29

Title Status Part Date
 Measurement of remaining power in battery... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2008-04-03
 O2 Production Facility for ironworks... Pilot Plant Patented Food/Chem 2008-03-07
 Nono-Powder Coating Method & Apparatus... Pilot Plant Patented Mech/Metal 2007-11-09
 Fuel Sender Ass'y and PCB Module for Airplane... Others=Mfr. Mech/Metal 2006-12-14
 Electronic parts for Automotive ... Finished LAB Patented Mech/Metal 2006-09-01
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