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Title : Device and method for compressing and storing digital data of digital camera into PDF file having security function

Status Patented Part Elec/ET
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a) The present invention solves the problems that when the file stored into the conventional JPEG format is opened and stored again into another format, the sharpness is not restored to the original state, and once the compression is performed, it is impossible to restore the data to the state before the compression.
b) The converted values into the digital signals of the photographed printed publication is mapped to obtain a maximum effect of data recognition rate, and a security function is added in the production of the PDF file to fundamentally cut off the printing and the copying and extraction of the contents of the data transmitted to a user terminal according to the set value of the security option, thereby maximizing the security effect of the electronic document.
c) The present invention is a substitute technology for JPEG that is conventional image compression and storing method, and it provides an import substituting effect for the JPEG chip sets and PDF and character recognition technology, while providing the document production and search technology in an environment-friendly way and at low costs, thereby achieving the expansion of the market of a document management system.

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