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   Letter No.20 (2004-05-28)
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Korean IP News

Samsung obtained an international patent related to DTV core technology.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced on 27th that Samsung was confirmed as the core patentee of two cases related to Samsung's own technologies at 'TV Anytime Forum', which leads the international standards with regard to the core technology of the individually geared digital broadcasting.

The technology suggested by Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. effectively searches program information on the broadcasting network, encrypts said information, and transmits it. This standards has received ETSI's approval which is the approval of the European Telecommunication Standards Institute last year and subsequently ensued by adoption as standards of digital TV for American's ATSC (Advanced Television Systems Committee) method and for European's DVB (Digital Video Broadcasting) method. Thus, it is made certain that Samsung's pertinent technologies with regard to the digital broadcasting will be used as standards.

Accordingly, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is able to exercise right to vote with regard to making decision on royalty, sharing information, etc. which will be proceeded in future, and it is expected that Samsung will have high profit from royalty and large influence with regard to the worldwide digital broadcast such as ground wave, satellite, cable, etc.

TV Anytime Forum is an organization established in 1999 for determining international standards with regard to technology for providing individually geared broadcasting programs by using large capacity digital storage medium at the digital broadcasting environment, which is participated by about 40 international companies such as BBC, Matsushita, Microsoft, Nokia, Samsung Electronics, KETI (Korean Electronics Technology Institute), ETRI (Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute), LG Electronics, Daewoo Electronics, etc.


TOMATOLSI has developed the world's first single chip method.

TOMATOLSI which is a company developing LCD drive IC announced on 16th that the company has developed a TFT LCD drive IC for a mobile phone with a level of QVGA (240X320) realized with a single chip for the first time in the world.

LDI developed by TOMATOLSI is designed to support resolution at a level of QVGA and at a level of CIF (288X352) which is the highest resolution, and can be used in LCD for a 260,00 color high quality screen mobile phone. The company explained that its LDI supports the highest resolution among LDIs developed until now. This product is expected to be mass-produced in the third quarter by a process of 0.18μm and by a high voltage process of 30V.

"Generally, two to three chips are used in order to realize resolution at a level of QVGA level, whereas the new product of TOMATOLSI is made to realize high resolution on the main screen (288RGBX352) and simultaneously on the supplementary LCD window (288RGBX160) with a single chip," says Mr. Sun-Ho Choi, CEO of TOMATOLSI.

Also, Mr. Choi explained that, "as the new product can realize resolution at a level of CIF, it can be used at various applications such as small or mid-sized types, i.e. portable PC, PDA, etc. And as it is realized with a single chip, it is helpful in cost saving and making mobile phones lighter."


NanoKarbon, developed carbon nanotubes with improved dispersibility.

On May 4, 2004, NanoKarbon, a venture company residing at the Technical Business Incubator of Sungkyunkwan University stated that it developed a carbon nanotube settling the dispersibility problem and that it started manufacturing it and selling it at the market.

Dispersibility indicates how much a carbon nanotube is evenly dissolved without making any clods when being diluted in a solution in order to manufacture applied products such as electromagnetic wave masks, etc.

The carbon nanotube (product name: Hollow CNT 100) developed by NanoKarbon improved the low dispersibility which has been pointed out as a disadvantage of the existing carbon nanotube, and has a volume 50 times larger than that of the existing carbon nanotube. The tube wall of this carbon nanotube is a double layered structure, and the outer wall is constituted in a amorphous form. Accordingly, it can easily make a chemical bond with other components, and thus the dispersibility has improved compared with the existing carbon nanotube and the inner vacant space has been extended by more than 5 times of that of the existing multiple-wall carbon nanotube.

The director of Sungkyunkwan University's NanoKarbon and Center for Nanotubes and Nanostructured Composites (CNNC) said, "reinforcing the low density property, a characteristic property of carbon nanotube simultaneously with settling the dispersibility problem, it is expected to accelerate applied research and development, and the common use of the field of electronic material such as fuel cell, secondary cell, electromagnetic wave mask and static electricity preventer, etc."

Carbon nanotube is receiving evaluations that it has high applicability by having high solidity, heat conductivity, electric conductivity as a nano new material produced by arranging carbon atoms in the form of a slender bamboo tube of nano size.


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