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Title : Feed additives for hatchery fishes

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
Conditon Licensing Estimated Cost 0 US$

① Feed additives for hatchery fishes shows a clear effect by dosing only a small quantity since they are supplied through an oral administration method after being mixed with feed.
② Feed additives provides an increase effect to nutritive elements contained in the feed and does not develop tolerance and have side effects, such as a lowering of immunity in spite of a continuous administration or excessive administration.
③ Especially, in case of fishes, which are stopped in growth at low temperature, the present invention can raise healthy hatchery fishes of excellent quality by reinforcing digestive power and continuing their growth.
④ The present invention can prevent and cure bacillary, viral, parasitic diseases causing a mass death in freshwater fish farms, and reinforce immunity and promote physiological activity.

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