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   Patyellow Classifieds Ads

What is unique about Patyellow Ads? is a specific patent vortal site to which is mainly visited by those who are engaged in the field of patent. Patyellow totally offers 9 specialized sections, starting from a directory section of patent-related sites categorized in about 12 of broad classifications and 30 of middle classifications, to patent search, patent translation, on-line patent application and etc., so that it provides an advertisement service that brings advertisers the best marketing effects on a specific target.

Patyellow Ads offers the following advantages.

- Low advertisement costs: Users can advertise their homepages for three months by paying only
   the minimum fee of 225,000 won.
- Various utility: Patyellow Ads carries out not only advertisement by section but also three kinds
   of advertisements according to the object and target thereof.
- Prior occupation in market: Advertisers can obtain predominance in the perception of those who
   are engaged in the field of patent through the Patyellow Ads.

Classified advertisement service provided by Patyellow

Banner advertisement 1,2 offers two types of banner ads as follows:

1. Displaying a common banner ad at the upper right corner of corresponding web sites of all the 9
   sections accessible by customers
2. Displaying a specific banner ad at the upper right corner of the corresponding web site of a
   preferable section among the 9 sections

Attorney Ads

This advertising method is to reveal the attorney's ads on main page of Since the exposure degree of attorney's ads is adjusted by using Javascript, all of the advertisers may obtain equal advertising opportunities.

E-mail newsletter

This advertising method is to publish the advertisement on e-mail newsletter which is weekly issued to members of

Fee schedule of advertisement service 1 up to a minimum of 3 months

   (Monetary unit: won)
Type 3 months 6 months 9 months 12 months
Banner 1 600,000 1,080,000 1,440,000 1,920,000
Banner 2 225,000 405,000 540,000 720,000
Attorney Ads 450,000 800,000 1,150,000 1,400,000

Fee schedule of advertisement service 2 up to a minimum of 2 times

    (Monetary unit: won)
  2 times 1 months 3 months
E-mail Newsletter 150,000 300,000 700,000


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