Letter No.54
 Service Fee

Seoul Semiconductor Cross-license with OSRAM GmbH
Daihan Ink Co. Ltd. Invent World’s First Non-solvent Ink
Nichia(JP), Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit against Seoul...
KDB gets patent for corporate finance index
KAIST Team Invents Xylitol Extracting Method

Title Status Part Date
 Method and apparatus for providing... Pilot Plant.. Elec/ET 2007-08-24
 Method and system for providing... Pilot Plant.. Elec/ET 2007-08-24
 SURFACE TYPE HEATING ELEMENT... Pilot Plant.. Mech/Metal 2007-08-24
 COMBINED BICYCLE Patented Mech/Metal 2007-07-19
 GAS DISCHARGE DEVICE FOR... Patented Mech/Metal 2007-07-13

Title Status Part Date
  Fuel Sender Ass'y and PCB ... Others=Mfr. Mech/Metal 2006-12-14
  Electronic parts for ... Finished ... Mech/Metal 2006-09-01
  Trademark Licensing... Patented Others 2006-07-03
  Secondary Battery Field... Patented Mech/Metal 2005-07-16
  Technical Know how for AKD ... Pilot Plant Food/Chem 2005-07-14
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