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   Technology Request

Title : Secondary Battery Field / finished

Status Patented Part Mech/Metal
Condition  Others=assignment Cost 0 US$

It is written to inform you that the prosecution for technology transfer is requested with reference to U.S. Patent or Application Cases in such the fields as listed below. Therefore, please contact us if you want to conduct the transfer of the related technology.

1) Fields of Technology
All patents in the fields of non-aqueous secondary battery, battery charging/discharging and protecting circuitry (H02J 7/00, H02J 7/02, H02J 7/04, H02J 7/10, H02J 7/14, H02J 7/34), and battery structure (structure patents may include NiCd and NiMH patents) except the international classes, H01M 2/28, H01M 4/06, H01M 4/14, H01M 4/24, H01M 4/32, H01M 4/34, H01M 4/42, H01M 4/44, H01M 4/68, H01M 10/06, H01M 10/20, H01M 10/24, H01M 10/30, H01M 10/32, and H01M 8*.

2) An amount of money for transfer is decided after mutual negotiation.

3) Transfer is conducted when there is no legal problem in handling it.

Based upon the aforementioned comments, if you want to prosecute technology transfer, please send the following documents or informations to or facsimile number (82-2-501-3109),

KIM, Soo Chun (Reg. Technology Transfer Agent).

-Related Patent Documents
-Related Patent Application Number or Registration Number, if published



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