Letter No.42
 Service Fee

CMP Pad Patent Disputes Heating Up
20 Times Faster Internet Access Technology
Samsung's CTF Technology
KRRI Wins Another Patent for Tilting Trains
Blood-Sugar-Controlling Rice Invented

Title Status Part Date
  Golf gloves... Patented Misc 2006-04-05
  FIBER REINFORCED CEMENT BOARD... Patented Const/Arch 2006-04-03
  Scissors for Cooking and Stationery Patented Misc 2006-03-27
  Looking for funds to equally represent... Patented Others 2006-01-31
  SUCCESSIVE PYROLYSIS SYSTEM... Patented Food/Chem 2006-01-16

Title Status Part Date
 Electronic parts for Automotive... Finished LA.. Mech/Metal 2006-09-01
 Trademark Licensing Patented Others 2006-07-03
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Conference & Exhibiton Information
Title : Korea Patent Technology Exhibition 2006
Date : 2006-12-07 ~ 2006-12-11
Place : Coex, Pacific Hall Seoul, Korea
Home Page : http://www.kipo.go.kr
Items : Technology Exhibition

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