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Title : Button-type Device for Three Dimensional Rotation or Translation Control

Status Pilot Plant Part Elec/ET
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Disclosed herein is a device for rotating or translating a three-dimensional object using a 3x3 button array, in which an application program runs to rotate and to translate a predetermined three-dimensional object on a display screen. The device comprises a button-part including 9 buttons of a 3x3 array and having combinations of buttons on horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines, corresponding to the direction of rotation or translation of a three-dimensional object on the three-dimensional axis of rotation or along the axis of translation; and a microcomputer for recognizing the depression combination of buttons, the order of the button depressed, and the key-depressing time and outputting a control signal so as to rotate or to translate a portion of or whole configuration of the three-dimensional object on the display screen.
Without using a pointing method through an additional device like a mouse, the direction of rotation, the angle of rotation, and the direction of translation can be assigned, furthermore partial / whole rotation on the more than three axes and translation are easily controlled, so that a program controlling the rotation and the translation of a three-dimensional object can be applied to any device which has a 3x3 button array, thereby enhancing the applicability.

This system is usefule for CUBIK game on Mobile Phone and PDA etc.

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