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   Letter No.3 (2002-12-20)

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Patent News

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Patent applications relating to e-mail application technology are soaring

According to the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), patent applications relating to e-mail application technology have increased by an average of 146% a year. As domestic e-mail users amount to 20.088 million, and over 100 million e-mails circulate per day, the e-mail related patent applications are mounting up in order to administer and transfer the e-mails effectively. Application trends according to applicant show that Korean applicants account for 2,116 cases or 90.5%, while foreign applicants, including the U.S. and Japan, for 221 cases. It points to Korea's advanced technology in this field. Currently, patent applications relating to e-mail application are increasing rapidly, which are extending to various fields, such as video conferencing, home automation, GPS, remote education, transmission to cell phones or PDAs, freight forwarding brokerage, auction bidding, etc.



The KIPO enlarges real time internet services

The KIPO announced on Dec. 13, 2002 that the issuance of various kinds of certificates relating to patent will be available through real time internet services from next year. Formerly, the KIPO received the civil application through internet and dispatched the applied-for certificates via postal service, and therefore, it took a few days to received the certificates.

Also, the internet-banking available banks will be enlarged to all kind of banks for the civil convenience, and the prearranged date of determination of trial examination is previously noticed for the concerned parties to sufficiently state their opinions and submit the necessary documents.

In addition, the time limit to enter the national phase of PCT patent applications will be 30 months from the priority date from March 11th of next year, which was formerly 20 months to 30 months according to whether the preliminary examination was requested or not. And starting from May 11th of next year, patent right does not extinguished if only part of the registration fee is paid within the due date.

The KIPO is also planning to provide patent informations re U.S., Japan, Europe, etc. through internet web site

Search News

We are doing Search & Analysis project of News Brief and Technology Trend Analysis on the emerging New Technologies. For example, Bluetooth Network Access Point, Microstrip dualband antenna, Routing mechanism study of Wireless mobile ad-hoc network etc.
And we are doing Patent Map project for medium and small-sized enterprises to help enhancing their competity and productivity increase.
Patyellow News

Patyellow China Office Opened

PATYELLOW foreign patent & trademark department opened a China office located in Shimyang to provide clients with more efficient patent services in China. In China office, we provide various patent related services, i.e., patent and trademark searches, application, translation, SDI services, operation of Patyellow website in Chinese version, sales of patent related CD-ROMs, etc. We are also planning to establish an incorporation in China, and continue to provide clients with most efficient patent services at moderate prices.

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