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   Letter No.23 (2004-08-27)
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Korean IP News

KIPO Starts Cyber Course with WIPO.

The International Intellectual Property Training Institute of KIPO (Korea Intellectual Property Office) has opened a 3 ½ month cyber course on intellectual property right in cooperation with WWA (WIPO Worldwide Academy) of WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization).

This course, prepared as one of the diversified international cooperation projects being promoted by KIPO, is designed to nurture experts in the field of intellectual property right.

The curriculum consists of a general course on intellectual property right provided by WWA (nine contents in English including copyright, patent law, unfair competition, international registration-related treaty, etc.) and patent law, trademark law, design law, etc., provided by International Training Department of KIPO. Anyone who has completed both cyber courses, free of charge, will receive a completion certificate signed jointly by KIPO Commissioner and WIPO Secretary-General.

The general course on intellectual property right provided by WWA consists of English and audio program, providing knowledge on general understanding in intellectual property right and various international treaties related to intellectual property right.


10 Korean Firms Among Patent Leaders in U.S.

According to KIPO, the number of Korean firms included in the 300 firms with the most patents registered in the U.S has increased to 10 from last year's eight.

According to the IPO (Intellectual Property Owners Association), IBM ranked first among the top 300 companies with 3,415 U.S. patents, while Korea's Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC), LG Electronics (LGE) and Hyundai Motor were also on the list.

SEC, with 1,313 patents registered, ranked 13th, the top among Korean firms. Firms in electronics and semiconductor industries such as LGE and Hynix were also strong, while in the machinery sector, Hyundai Motor was listed. Of particular note, Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM) and KAIST were included among the top 300 for the first time, bringing the Korean firms' total to 10 from last year's eight.

On the other hand, universities, the birthplace of technologies, outpaced many renowned firms to be included among the top 300, including the University of California, which ranked 42nd with 437 registered patents. Korea's KAIST was among the ranked universities.

In 2003, Korea registered 4,198 patents in the U.S., jumping to fifth from seventh in the previous year in the ranking of patent registrations by foreigners.


Korean Firms Trying to Dominate 3D Mobile Game Market.

Amid the rapid growth of mobile phone equipment and the game market utilizing mobile phones and PDS, domestic enterprises are preparing to take the lead in 3D mobile games one step ahead of foreign firms.

 Of the total patent applications for 3D mobile technologies and content, the applications filed by domestic companies in the past five-year period constituted an average 92% compared with foreign enterprises.

 The main reason that 3D mobile games are receiving attention is game content\'s very high profitability. Meanwhile, the ripple effect is excellent on other industries, including broadcasting, music, character, etc. In addition, the importance of 3D content will also expand as mobile equipment secures a PC-level of 3D functions, which is expected to emerge in the market sooner or later.     

 The content of patent applications for 3D mobile technologies consists of 3D engine, 3D graphics-processing hardware, mobile chip, power-saving technology, screen processing on small LCDs, etc. Technologies also are being developed to overcome the limited hardware functions of the smaller equipment and devices.
Search News

We are doing Search & Analysis project of News Brief and Technology Trend Analysis on the emerging New Technologies. For example, Bluetooth Network Access Point, Microstrip dualband antenna, Routing mechanism study of Wireless mobile ad-hoc network etc.
And we are doing Patent Map project for medium and small-sized enterprises to help enhancing their competity and productivity increase.

Patyellow News

IP Application Intro.

We work with Techvil Patent & Law Firm which is one of the leading Korean intellectual property firms for IP application matters. Techvil was found by patent and trademark attorneys who were primary examiners in Korean Intellectual Property Office.
We remain abreast of the rapidly changing legal environments through the close contact with government agencies, currently available information services, and foreign associates. We are always ready to provide our clients with high quality professional services.


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