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   Letter No.22 (2004-07-23)
Korean IP News,    Patyellow News

Korean IP News

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology developed a ' technology for recycling mixed acid waste fluid of semiconductor LCD'

On June 15, 2004, the Micro Processing Technology Research Center at the Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology stated that it succeeded in developing a ' technology for recycling mixed acid waste fluid of semiconductor LCD ' which separates and purifies inorganic acid from a mixed acid waste fluid status of semiconductor LCD by forming it into crystal.

The technology developed at this time is environmental friendly because it can separate inorganic acid without using the existing neutralizing agents and additives such as solvent, catalyst, etc., and can remarkably cut down the vast energy consumption expenses spent during the incineration process. Also, the collected inorganic acid can be recycled for producing alumina etching fluid for ceramics, semiconductor etching fluid, analysis reagents, medical supplies, etc.

Korea Research Institute of Chemical Technology is expecting to achieve an effect in reducing the material cost which amounts 70 billion won in a year and reducing energy when applying this technology to the field of LCD semiconductor. Also, it is expecting to achieve an effect in producing a value added of 60 billion won in a year when applying this technology to industrial waste discharged in the electronic industry, semiconductor industry and metal industry.

Mr. Kim, Kyang-Ju, head of the center said, " we are considering to transfer this technology to small and medium enterprises supplying etching fluid material to the field of semiconductor LCD" and " we are planning to promote technology export aiming not only at domestic markets but also at foreign markets such as Taiwan and Japan, etc. which occupy 50% of the world LCD market"


Samsung has developed a 8GB DDR D RAM memory module.

For the first time in the world, a D RAM module capable of storing at least 2,000 pieces of music in a single module has been developed.

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. announced on 24th that Samsung has succeeded in developing a 8GB DDR D RAM memory module for a high capacity server to which a multi-stacking package (MSP) technology is applied for the first time in the world.

The currently developed 8GB memory module is a product having the maximum capacity among memory modules that exist at the present time, which can store data of a vast capacity such as 500,000 pages of English news papers, 10 movies, 2,000 pieces of MP3 music, etc.

'MSP' is the latest package technology wherein a metal ball generally attached under the chip for wiring in FBGA (Fine-pitch Ball Grid Array) package which is one of the chip scale packages (CSP), is attached to the side of the chip so as to reduce the package thickness, and several numbers of the same-sized chips can be stacked up.

Samsung has overcome the limitation of the chip stacking of the conventional memory modules and succeeded in developing the world ' s biggest capacity memory module of 8GB by stacking four (4) 1GB DDR D RAM and by stacking nine (9) of such four (4) RAMs on each of two sides of the module so as to stack total of seventy-two (72) 1Gb DDR D RAMs in one module.

This product targets markets of a main memory device for a high capacity server used in finance, weather forecast, medical treatment, military system, etc.

Samsung who had developed 4GB for the first time in the related industry last January, is now leading the mass capacity memory market for a high capacity server also by developing the world ' s first 8GB module.


Samsung Electro-Mechanics stated that it developed a totally different vibration motor for cellular phones.

On the 11th, Samsung Electro-Mechanics stated that it developed a totally different vibration motor for cellular phones, whose vibration level can be adjusted by the user himself for the first time in the world.

Different from the existing method which generates vibration by performing an additional rotary motion, this product is a totally different product which generates vibration by the up-and-down motion of a weight hanging on a spring.

When applying this vibration motor to cellular phones, the user can adjust the vibration level as he wishes by a single button, and thus it can prevent people from not answering the phone by not feeling the vibration while driving or while being inattentive. When applied to game players or game phones, the user may enjoy the game more vividly by adjusting the vibration level.

Samsung Electro-Mechanics said that this product is capable of coping with the customer ' s demand at any time because the model developed at this time can be produced in various different sizes up to a size whose diameter is 10 mm and height is 3~5 mm.

Even though this vibration motor requires the same power consumption as that of the existing dynamic-type products, its life-span is semi-permanent, the vibration response time has improved by more than 50%, the number of parts has reduced to about 60% of the existing products, and thus it is known that not only the efficiency of the product has improved but also it is much more economic.

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