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   Letter No.21 (2004-06-25)
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Korean IP News

LG Electronics, developed a single scan HD PDP module.

On June 9, 2004, LG Electronics succeeded in developing a 42 inch HD (XGA class) PDP module following the single scan method, which is a PDP driving technology reducing the cost of the PDP module by more than 10%, and established a basis for surpassing other companies in cost competitiveness.

The HD PDP module applying the single scan driving technology developed by LG Electronics is a technology which can remarkably cut down the price of the PDP module by reducing the expenses for driver IC, COF package, driver board by half compared with the previously applied dual scan driving technology. The single scan method was applied to the existing SD (VGA class) PDP modules, whereas the single scan method was not yet applied to HP modules for the reasons of establishment of driving time, complex driving circuit, product reliability, etc. as the number of pixels increased.

If the single scan method is applied, it is estimated that the material cost can be reduced to around 200 dollars, and accordingly it is estimated to establish a basis for remarkably reducing the material cost for 42 inch HD PDP modules which are currently being sold at around 1600 dollars.

LG Electronics will launch this product in the market from the third quarter, and is planning to expand the range this technology is being applied to 50 inch, 63 inch products.


Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy has developed a method analyzing lead(Pb) content which is a material harmful to human body, contained in plastic products.

Agency for Technology and Standards of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy announced on 6th that the agency has developed a method for analyzing lead (Pb) content which is a material harmful to human body, contained in plastic products for the first time in the world, and has proposed said analysis method to International Organization for Standardization (ISO).

This analysis method fixes the amount of lead contained in all of the plastic products up to 1mg/kg, has a simple pre-testing process, and its time required for analysis is short but has very high accuracy, which will be greatly recognized by advanced countries, said the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

If this analysis is adopted as the international standards, a credibility problem of analysis results among countries will be fundamentally resolved such that it will greatly contribute to the expansion of export such as facilitation of entering markets in advanced countries such as European Unions, said the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy.

The Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy is planning to continuously develop a heavy metal analysis method in connection with the environmental regulation of the advanced countries, and to lead the international standardization in the future while carrying out analysis education for people engaged in the related fields of industries and research institutes, etc.


Crystal Genomics, Inc. has developed a drug candidate for treating obesity.

A drug candidate for treating obesity which prevents fat cell differentiation within the body, and regulates fat metabolism so as to reduce subcutaneous fat nearly by half has been developed by a Korean technician team.

A research team led by Dr. Sung-Gu Noh of a bio venture company, Crystal Genomics, Inc. announced on 18th that the team has developed a candidate material for a new drug having excellent effect on treating obesity jointly with Korea Research Institute for Chemistry Industry and Seoul National University, and is planning to commercialize said drug candidate within the next five years.

The research team announced that the team has discovered ?a candidate material based on a protein structure for a new drug (CG300795) ' which has an effect of reducing fat superior to the conventional obesity treatment drugs (Xenical, Reductil) at least by twice under the support of Board for Development of Materials Regulating Bio-Functions from the Ministry of Science & Technology for the past two years and six months.

"When an obese laboratory mouse weighing 50grams is injected with CG300795 for at least 28 days, the reduced amount of abdomen and subcutaneous fat was 9 grams, which shows at least 45% of reduction. If a stage wherein human beings are able to take it as medicine is established, a market worth of several trillion wons ranking next to Viagra can be created" says Dr. Sung-Gu Noh.

Unlike Reductil which acts on a nerve system to prevent food absorption or Xenical which reduces absorption of fat at a digestion stage, this material is characterized in that it directly works on the fat cells. Further, the research team emphasized that not only an effect of treating obesity is provided but also an effect of improving hyperlipemia, arteriosclerosis, and diabetes can be provided.


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