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   Letter No.15 (2003-12-26)
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Patent News

Hot issue

Korea Research Institute for Chemical Industry develops an environment-friendly natural germicide

The team led by Dr. Jin-Chul Kim at Korea Research Institute for Chemical Industry announced on 4th that an environment-friendly natural germicide effectively preventing and exterminating powdery mildew which is a kind of mold afflicting crops has been developed.
This natural germicide can effectively prevent and exterminate powdery mildew by using extract (AT-12) of root tissue of a perennial plant 'Rumex crispus' growing naturally in the swampy land.
The Korea Research Institute for Chemical Industry explained that this technology is transferred to VIG, an environment-friendly agricultural venture company, a proto type product named 'Vitabacs' is manufactured, and its effect is being tested on various crops.
The research team expects this germicide to contribute greatly in improvement of organic agricultural product quality and to increase the production amount ahead of the Korean-Chilean FTA (Free Trade Agreement).
In order to prevent and exterminate powdery mildew taking 25% of the current mold disease and causing low productivity, a synthetic germicide is conventionally used, but its harmful effects are wide wherein misuse and overuse of the synthetic germicide pollute environment, generate tolerant bacteria and its poison remains.
The research team confirmed a fact that if the particular AT-12 is used together with a surface active agent, a synergic effect appears and if used together with salt which is a kind of a fertilizer, the effect increases.
The research team added that especially, this product can be easily dissolved in the environment and further does not have any poison against human and livestock. Thus, this product is evaluated as an environment-friendly type germicide.


Patents on pavement blocks surge

Patent applications related to pavement block surges during a boom for running and walking for health in the town.
According to the KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office), on 10 November 2003, the number of patent applications related to functional pavement blocks has gradually increased from 43 in 1998 to 55 in 1999, 79 in 2000, 113 in 2001 and 88 in 2002.
A patent application for a rubber pavement block having a quick drain feature has been filed while an electronic Braille-ready pavement block providing blind persons with voice information for guidance has been developed. The increase in the number of patent applications on the functional pavement block is interpreted as an eco-friendly block is needed and the rubber pavement block which can lower an impact to a joint during running or walking is preferred by civilians.
A source from the KIPO expects that pavement blocks combined with the up-to-date technologies will appear in the near future as a running and walking population increases sharply.

Non-examination patent grant in Malaysia

The KIPO(Korean Intellectual Property Office) announced that Malaysian patent office notified the KIPO that a patent application having a Korean patent right granted will be granted a patent right without examination in Malaysia.
This is the first case in which the Korean patent granted invention is granted a non-examination patent right in foreign countries, and the third of such cases following the U.S. and Japan.
Accordingly, domestic companies and individual inventors who had to wait for 4~7 years to obtain patent rights in Malaysia can get patent rights within 2 years and save application fees by 36% (77,000 won), from the previous 217,000 won to 140,000 won.
A KIPO official said, "Following this case, non-examination patent grant is expected to be admitted also in other Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore."
Korea recorded the 11th largest patent applications in Malaysia last year with 120 applications.




Search News

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And we are doing Patent Map project for medium and small-sized enterprises to help enhancing their competity and productivity increase.



Translation News

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Patyellow News

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