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   Letter No.14 (2003-11-24)
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Hot issue

Seoul National University Develops a Micro 3D Pattern Precision Measurement Tech

The world-level latest optics measurement technology which can measure micro 3 dimensional pattern of the enlarged TFT LCD during the manufacturing process (in-line) with a precision of nano (nm) level has been developed by the Korean research team. Accordingly, Korea, a nation of the world leading display technology is expected to strength its overseas competitiveness in the confrontational TFT LCD manufacturing technology and measurement overhaul industry.

The research team led by Dr. Heui Jae Park (mechanic & aeronautical engineering department) at the Micro Thermal System Research Center of Seoul National University announced on 13th that his team has recently developed and commercialized successfully a micro three-dimensional pattern precision measurement technology based on core design and manufacturing technology such as highly efficient interference optical system, high rigidity nano meter drive system, transparent thin film pattern measurement algorithm, etc.

The technology developed by the team is characterized in that a fine three-dimensional pattern as well as photo spacer directly affecting the screen quality and yield rate according to enlargement of the size of the TFT LCD with a noncontact optical method can be measured very finely to a nano (a thousand-millionth meter) unit in in-line.

Until now, the LCD enterprises have been promoting commercialization of the in-line measurement technology since problems appeared such as accuracy and yield rate of the fine patterns are deteriorated due to deteriorating accuracy from the conventional measurement technology and technical limitation according to the damage on the panel owing to the contact, and slow measuring speed.


Samsung Electronics develops a 6-chip package technology for the first time

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has developed a new technology laminating six kinds of memory semiconductor chips to a single packet so as to make an epoch of a semiconductor packet technology.

The best record for multi chip package (MCP) in the semiconductor industry field was four chips held by Samsung Electronics, etc. The MCP manufactures a single package by laminating or by conjugating various kinds of semiconductor, which is essential to reduce the size and weight of the chip in mobile apparatuses such as mobile phone, etc.

The 6-chip MCP developed by Samsung Electronics has a size of 10.5 X 10.0 X 1.2mm combining 256 NAND type flash memory, 128M NOR type flash memory, 64M UtRAM, 16M S RAM, two of 128 M mobile D RAM, etc. and thus has all of the memory semiconductor chips required by 3G mobile phone built-in therein.

Samsung Electronics has already filed patent applications related to a 6-chip pack MCP technology abroad. Samsung analyzed that through this technology, the productivity will improve by twice and at least one year of the technical difference has been set apart.



Search News

We are doing Search & Analysis project of News Brief and Technology Trend Analysis on the emerging New Technologies. For example, Bluetooth Network Access Point, Microstrip dualband antenna, Routing mechanism study of Wireless mobile ad-hoc network etc.
And we are doing Patent Map project for medium and small-sized enterprises to help enhancing their competity and productivity increase.

Patyellow News

IP Application Intro.

We work with Techvil Patent & Law Firm which is one of the leading Korean intellectual property firms for IP application matters. Techvil was found by patent and trademark attorneys who were primary examiners in Korean Intellectual Property Office.
We remain abreast of the rapidly changing legal environments through the close contact with government agencies, currently available information services, and foreign associates. We are always ready to provide our clients with high quality professional services.

Request for Technology Transfer

It is written to inform you that the prosecution for technology transfer is requested with reference to U.S and Japan Patent or Application Cases in such the fields as listed below. Therefore, please contact us if you want to conduct the transfer of the related technology.

1) Fields of Technology
All patents in the fields of non-aqueous secondary battery, battery charging/discharging and protecting circuitry (HO2J 7/00, H02J 7/02, H02J 7/04, H02J 7/10, H02J 7/14, H02J 7/34), and battery structure (structure patents may include NiCd and NiMH patents) except the international classes, H01M 2/28, H01M 4/06, H01M 4/14, H01M 4/24, H01M 4/32, H01M 4/34, H01M 4/42, H01M 4/44, H01M 4/68, H01M 10/06, H01M 10/20, H01M 10/24, H01M 10/30, H01M 10/32, and H01M 8*.

2) An amount of money for transfer is decided after mutual negotiation.

3) Transfer is conducted when there is no legal problem in handling it.

Based upon the aforementioned comments, if you want to prosecute technology transfer, please send the following documents or informations to or facsimile number (82-2-501-3109).
Soo Chun, KIM

- Related Patent Documents
- Related Patent Application Number or Registration Number, if published

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