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The present invention relates to a pelvis remedial seated device for remedying into its original place a women’s widened pelvis after child birth, the pelvis remedial seated device comprising:
a seat (10) including a seat cushion (11) on which an occupant is to be seated and seat sides (12) provided uprightly at each side end of the seat cushion (11);
a pair of air bags (20) nested to a height of the pelvis portion of an occupant on an inner side of each side for enabling themselves to be expanded or contracted by air supplied into or discharged from the inside of the air bag; and
air injection means for providing air pressure to the air bags (20), wherein the expanding air pressure in the air bags presses the pelvis portion of the occupant.

According to the present invention, the pelvis remedial seated device is provided wherein the air pressure can artificially press the pelvis portion of the woman while seated or lying down relaxedly without constraining the human body so that the woman can get into good shape as soon as possible, and also the difficulty of shape maintenance, the feminine function decrease and the disease caused by the widened pelvis can effectively be cured. Further, the air bags can be expanded or contracted to press the pelvis portion and the various modes such as massage, fumble with pressing, and beat are selected to remedy the pelvis at a fast speed.

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