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It is an object of the present invention to provide a power supply apparatus using a half-bride circuit usable in a ballast or an inverter, capable of improving an output control dynamic characteristic by varying a frequency and controlling a pulse width.

Disclosed is a power supply apparatus using a half-bridge type driving circuit, which is intended for the purpose of the compensation of a power factor, the achievement of a low crest factor and the maintenance of a constant output. The power supply apparatus using a half-bridge circuit for rectifying an AC power source and providing the rectified power source to a load includes a line voltage detecting means for detecting a voltage of an input power source provided to the load, an error amplifying means for comparing the voltage detected from the line voltage detecting means with a reference voltage and outputting a voltage corresponding to a difference therebetween, a pulse width modulating means for outputting a pulse having a variable width corresponding to an output level of the error amplifying means, a dead time controlling means for outputting a first pulse corresponding to a high side and a second pulse corresponding to a low side by the pulse output from the pulse width modulating means, wherein the first and second pulses have different pulse widths and different rising and falling time points, and a driving means for driving the power source supplied to the load as a constant current state by the first and second pulses.

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