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Title : Method for identifying Kimchi lactic acid family and measuring the cluster number of Kimchi lactic acid bacteria

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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1. The present invention can identify Kimchi lactic acid bacteria faster than the conventional identification period of five to seven days since it takes five to seven hours to identify Kimchi lactic acid bacteria.

2. It shows a deviation of 1 to 2 log cycle in measurement of clusters, but the deviation can be overcome since the present invention carries out identification using genes without culture of colony and carries out a physiological identification more exactly than a case showing different identification using similar physiological features.

3. The present invention is more advantageous in a time period and expenses than an identification though 5S RNA or 16S RNA base sequence.

4. The present invention allows estimation of identification and ripening of Korean traditional fermented food strains, which can easily and rapidly develop search of new seeds and new fermentation processes.

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