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The present invention discloses a safety device for a subway that is provided with a screen door adapted to make the subway approaching the platform blocked from the platform, whereby passengers can be safely protected from all kinds of safety accidents that may be caused at the time of getting on and off the subway like the case where passengers fall down a platform by their carelessness or when their foot is caught into a space between the platform and the subway, and they can take the subway in a safest manner.

There is provided a safety device for a subway comprising:
a box adapted to be buried into a platform and having a screen door ascending and descending slot formed along a longitudinal direction thereof; a pair of generally curved guide rails mounted at both sides of the box;
a pair of generally curved sliders disposed slidably on the guide rails, each of the sliders having a rack formed on the front surface thereof;
a screen door adapted to be assembled between the sliders and having upper and lower lateral projections formed on the top and bottom portions thereof;
a reversible motor disposed within the box for ascending/descending the sliders through pinions each engaged with the rack; a safety footboard adapted to be assembled to the upper lateral projection in such a manner as to be adjusted forwardly and backwardly in width, for blocking a space between the platform and an entrance of the subway; and
first and second limit switches disposed at the upper and lower portions of the box for limiting the operation range of the screen door.

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