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Title : Composition containing Lenonuri herba extract for preventing and treating arteriosclerosis

Status Patented Part Food/Chem
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a) The Lenonuri herba extract of the present invention has no problem causing toxic effects and adverse reaction and further has a function of suppressing the oxidation of LDL, thereby providing excellent arteriosclerosis treating effect.
b) The pharmaceutical composition for preventing and treating arteriosclerosis contains the amount of the extract in a range of 0.1% by weight to 50% by weight of the total amount thereof, and the pharmaceutical composition containing the extract further comprises a carrier, a forming agent and a diluent, which are typically used in the manufacturing of the pharmaceutical composition.
c) The composition of the present invention is formed to various shapes, and especially, it is added to food or beverages for preventing the occurrence of arteriosclerosis.

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