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Subject : Korea’s First 3-D Smartphone Released by LG Electronics   
Date 2011-07-29 Visit 15821

LG Electronics opened up the 3D era of Smartphones. It also proposed its vision for providing superior hardware involving 3-D as well as high-definition (HD) Smartphones to get ahead of its competitors.

It set its sales target for the second half of the year as 14 million units, which is 40% greater than the first half of 2011. LG Electronics held a press conference for its 3-D Smartphone ‘Optimus 3-D’ on 7 July and announced that it will receive preorders via SK Telecom starting on July.

‘Optimus 3-D’ is Korea’s first 3-D Smartphone that does not require use of 3-D glasses. It thereby allows users to enjoy 3-D videos and 3-D games without using a pair of 3-D glasses. It is further equipped with a dual-camera, allowing filming of 3-D videos as well, which is expected to lead to increase in use of 3-D contents. the press conference emphasized the ease of filming 3-D videos by an ordinary user. The Optimus 3-D runs on Google’s Android operating system and it was first revealed at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, earlier this year, as the world’s first full 3-D Smartphone. It has been released in some European countries. Park Jong-seok, the president and CEO of the company’s mobile communications unit, explained to the reporters that “with the release of the Optimus 3-D, anybody- not just professionals- can shoot in 3-D and enjoy, save and share those videos and images.” He further explained that “release of Optimus 3-D competes the 3-D full lineup comprising TV, monitor, laptop PC, projector, and now Smartphone,” and continued that “LG Electronics is focusing on its hardware component rather than its software component.” He also stated that “a Smartphone that has LTE installed on its HD 4.5 inch screen will be released in the second half of this year.”

LG officials acknowledged that one of the biggest obstacles to the acceptance of 3-D devices is a lack of content. To overcome this problem, the company asked Gameloft, a New York City-based publisher and video game developer, to preload three 3-D game titles onto the phone. LG Electronics hopes that the new device will help it regain momentum in the Smartphone race, which it has been losing badly over the last two years.



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