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Subject : Word CNT Leader Unidym Is Acquired   
Date 2011-01-27 Visit 4189

Unidym, which has the biggest number of CNT patents around the world, is acquired by a domestic company. Last year, Unidym licensed to Samsung Electronics that is working to develop ‘CNT TV’.

Wisepower (CEO Kiho Park) is negotiating with Arrowhead Research Corporation of the United States over acquiring Unidym. Arrohead is the parent company of Unidym. It is expected to conclude a contract on 18. Once the contract is concluded, Unidyme becomes a subsidiary of Wisepower. Both companies have maintained business partnerships for 2 years, and last year they worked together to set up a joint venture. Accordingly, all patents related to CNT production and application which Unidym owns belong to Wisepower.

It is known that Unidym which was established by UCLA Professor Georgy Gruner owns hundreds of patents related to CNT, and recently succeeded in commercializing transparent electrode films using CNT. A transparent electrode film is a core part for indicating a touch point of a finger on a touch screen. While indium tin oxide (ITO) is mainly used, since indium, which is a main material, is expensive and relatively rare, attempts are being made to replace indium. CNT is expected to be widely applied to the next-generation goods such as flexible display, thin film solar cell, and semiconductor as well as a transparent electrode film.

Junggun Shin, Patent Attorney at Lee International Law Firm, says “as a result of analyzing technologies owned by Unidym, lots of them are original patents. When CNT-based products are to be produced in the future, it will not be easy to avoid using the patents of Unidym.




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