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Subject : Enters MEMS Business with 3D Motion Sensor   
Date 2011-01-27 Visit 4049

U-ONE COM-TECH (CEO Byungdo Choi) announced that it developed ‘a magic motion 3D’ which is a 3D motion sensor and enters the microelectromechanical system (MEMS) business.

The ‘magic motion 3D’ developed by the company directly measures a gradient by using the principle that a liquid is horizontal, unlike a conventional motion sensor or gyro sensor which requires an integral equation in order to measure an angle.

The company described that it developed a novel sensor which can read 3D gradient data into a digital signal in real time by using nano surface processing technology, improved liquid conductivity, and viscosity control technology.

Since the ‘magic motion 3D’ directly measures a gradient without integration, a related cumulative error does not occur. Also, since 3D gradient data is read into a digital signal in real time, a separate converter is not necessary. An error due to temperature compensation or the like can be avoided.

The sensor developed by the company can be used in a smart phone, a smart pad (tablet PC), a game machine, etc., which directly control a stereoscopic image. The sensor developed by the company can also be used in an electric vehicle that adjusts an output according to a ground slope.



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