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Subject : Active Patent Applications relating to ‘Geothermal Heat’   
Date 2010-11-29 Visit 4196

‘‘Geothermal heat’ related studies and developments have been actively conducted worldwide.

Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) announced that a number of cases of geothermal heat related patent applications filed last 20 years from 1988 were 600. The highest number was 204 (34%) in cooling and heating related cases followed by agricultural related cases (153 cases, 25%), snow melting related cases (135 cases, 23%), and electricity generation related cases (108 cases, 18%).

Also, patent applications were filed according to characteristics of countries. In this regard, Korea (54 cases) and Japan (73 cases) filed most in the agricultural field and the US (78 cases) actively conducted technical development of geothermal heat generation using high geothermal heat in volcanic areas.

Japan, as heavy snow country, has a high number of snow melting related patent applications (83 cases), through which geothermal heat is used to melt snow.

Korea, with floor cooling and heating culture, has the highest number cooling and heating related patent applications (82 cases) using geothermal heat. In particular, in Korea, the number of patent applications rapidly increased from 2001 and in 2006, increased by about 8 times.

Currently, in cooling and heating related patent applications, patent applications regarding a compound heat source using geothermal heat along with other green energy and total system for both hot water supply and cooling and heating are significantly increased.

Geothermal heat is non-exhausting green energy and may infinitely use heat that is uniformly maintained according to a depth of earth surface (10∼15℃). In this regard, geothermal heat has been spotlighted as an attractive clean energy.

An officer from KIPO said that if continuous research and government policy support are accomplished for geothermal heat, geothermal heat will be grown as a new high value added industry.



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