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Subject : Korean Patent Productivity in World’s Highest Level   
Date 2010-11-29 Visit 4049

It turns out that patent productivity in Korea is at a world’s highest level.

According to ‘2010 International Intellectual Property Index’ recently published by World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), the number of patent applications was 102.6 per GDP of one billion dollars in 2008 and the number of patent applications per R&D expenses of one million dollars was 3.3. In the end, Korea took the first place worldwide.

An absolute size of patent applications in Korea sustains the fourth place following the U.S, Japan, and China for 4 successive years after 2005.

As above, it is investigated that the patent productivity in Korea according to R&D activities attains a high level but International R&D cooperation is at a low level. A portion of patent applications including foreign researchers in Korea is only 5.4% of an actual PCT international patent application. In this regard, Korea took the nineteenth place worldwide.

In Korea, the number of trademark applications is 2211 per population of one million, taking the first place worldwide, and the number of trademark applications is 86.7 per GDP of one billion dollars, taking the second place worldwide. The total number of cases of trademark applications is 137,461 taking the third place following China (669,088) and the U.S (294,070).

The number of cases of design applications is 56,750 taking the third place following China (312,904) and Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM) (78,050).

Suwon Lee, Commissioner or Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO), said that “as shown in the results, we will continuously do our best to increase a quality level of intellectual property through securing of the core and standard patents and supporting businesses’ intellectual property based on quantitative competitiveness in an intellectual property field.”



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