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Subject : End of Standby Power Worries   
Date 2010-08-31 Visit 4311

Korchip announced that it developed a product named Starcap for saving standby power that utilizes an electrochemical double layer capacitor (EDLC) and that it received a patent for the product.

Contrary to other technologies where power of the electronic product is always turned on, this new product supplies power only to the controller’s batteries, thereby reducing power consumption by 20%.

Korchip utilized EDLC, which is often called a super capacitor, to reduce consumption of standby power.

Batteries are hard to use long term due to their short lifespan despite their large capacity.

On the other hand, standard capacitors allow near endless charge/discharge, but the capacity is too small.

To solve these problems, EDLC allows instantaneous charging and has a semi-permanent lifespan. Its huge capacity also differentiates it from standard capacitors, making it suitable for long-term power supply.

In normal electronic products, if power controllers, start circuits, and charge circuits are installed together, it will be able to reduce standby power by as much as 0.03W. Additional cost is only KRW 3000.

Korchip is marketing this product for LG Electronics and Samsung Electronics.



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