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Subject : S. Korea Succeeds in Harvesting Golden Rice   
Date 2009-11-27 Visit 6058

South Korea has cultivated rice containing real gold.

The country’s SM Nanotech, a nano-materials venture firm, announced Thursday that it has succeeded in harvesting golden rice through providing relevant technologies to a local farmer Lee Yeong-hwan (57) residing in Yeoju, Gyeonggi Province.

Through so-called “organic gold cultivation technology”, a total of 50 sacks (one sack equals to 80kg) of golden rice was yielded on a paddy field sized at 12,000㎡ (around 3,600 pyeong).

An “organic gold cultivation technology” refers to a technology of cutting 99.99 percent pure gold into gold powder smaller than two nanometers with methods such as electrolysis, and then melting them in water distilled through a special refining process to finally sprinkle into the roots of agro-products.

SM Nanotech has already succeeded in developing functional fruit such as golden pear and golden apple with an adoption of the technology. The company has acquired a domestic patent on the technology and applied for an international patent as well.

An ingredient analysis conducted at Korea Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (KOLAS) Cooperative Center for Research Facilities founded by Sungkyunkwan University proved per kilogram of golden rice containing a maximum of 93㎍ of gold, SM Nanotech conveyed.

This golden rice sized similar to that of paddy was evaluated to be quality rice due to a superior sense of taste as well as stickiness and sweet flavors.

The recently harvested gold rice is to be put up for sale at Hyundai Department Store beginning November 19 under the brand name of “Cheonsuguem Golden Rice”. The price would be at 22,000 won per 2kg -- four- to-five fold expensive than rice on the market.




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