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Subject : World’s Best Bioethanol Production Technology Developed in S.Korea   
Date 2009-07-29 Visit 3799

Korea Ocean Research and Development Institute (KORDI) said that it has developed the leading technology to produce bioethanol from macrophyte, such as laver and seaweed.

A number of research and development projects on producing biofuel energy from macrophyte, which is expected to replace gasoline, are in progress in many countries. However, many researches have revealed technological challenges in converting biomass to fermentable monosaccharide and producing microorganisms in the best condition to be used in fermenting monosaccharide to ethanol. KORDI, jointly with Kangwon University, succeeded to develop ‘High-Pressure Liquefying Technology’ (HPLT) which is used to extract sugar from homogenized macrophyte.

The research team also found out that maximum 160g/L of ethanol can be produced from modified microbe called Saccharomyces cerevisiae SC 1024. 160g/L of ethanol is close to reported maximum ethanol production amount.

Bioethanol production technology using HPLT has already applied for international patent in South Korea, the U.S., Europe and China. It has also been written in international scientific journals, and the academics has showed interests on it. KORDI also explained it is the first ever developed technology in the world to liquefy macrophyte biomass.

Dr. Kang Do-hyung said, “The latest technology using HPLT and modified microbes can speed up practical use of biofuel and bring down the costs when it’s commercialized.”




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