Letter No.66
 Service Fee

Lutronic Obtained the Right to Manufacture PowerLipo in South Korea
Crown Makes 1st Win Against Lotte in Trademark Battle
Hanall Pharmaceutical Obtains Patent for Diabetic Medication
Rapid Increase in Patent Applications on RFID
Nichia Files Suit Against Seoul Semiconductor in UK

Title Status Part Date
 MEASUREMENT SYSTEM USING DIO... Patented Mech/Metal 2008-03-25
 METHOD OF TESTING PHYSICAL ST... Patented Mech/Metal 2008-03-20
 COMPRESSION MOLD WITH VERTICA... Patented Mech/Metal 2008-03-20
 NON-WOVEN OIL/WATER SEPARATI... Patented Food/Chem 2008-03-20
 MASSAGE DEVICE COMPRISING ECC... Patented Mech/Metal 2008-03-20

Title Status Part Date
  Nono-Powder Coating Method... Pilot Plant Pat... Mech/Metal 2007-11-09
  Fuel Sender Ass'y and PCB M... Others=Mfr. Mech/Metal 2006-12-14
  Electronic parts for Automotive... Finished LAB... Mech/Metal 2006-09-01
  Trademark Licensing... Patented Others 2006-07-03
  Technical Know how for AKD ... Pilot Plant Food/Chem 2005-07-14
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